01 July 2012

Humpback whales breach off the coast of Alaska

Jumping for joy!
Humpback whales breach off the coast of Alaska
For the sheer fun of it
القفز للفرح!
الحيتان الحدباء قبالة ساحل الاسكا
 من أجل المتعة
Saut de joie!
Les Baleines à Bosse au large de la côte d'Alaska
Pour le simple plaisir de s'amuser
These Alaskan humpback whales leaping into the air could well be the happiest in the world

One theory is that the huge creatures breach for no more reason than simple joy

The wildlands of the Alaskan coast served as a picture-perfect backdrop to the mighty show

The whales can leap up to 45 feet out of the water whilst breaching, and cause a mighty splash on landing

The enormous Humpback whales weigh in at around 30 tonnes each

One photographer insists Frederick Sound, in the north east Pacific, is the best place in the world to view the shows

Here, away from the presence of humans, the impressive creatures 'breach' on a frequent basis
The impressive creatures can grow up to 45-feet long and weigh a staggering 30-tonnes

Acrobatic: This beautiful - and colossal - creature even threw its fins into the air as it breached from the water

The man who took the incredible catalogue of images has 20 years of experience photographing whales

The beautiful, scaled surface of the humpback whale's mouth can clearly be made out in this close-up

Conclusive scientific evidence as to why the creatures engage in the impressive displays has not been forthcoming

The huge displacement of water caused by the humpback whales leaping into the air is clearly visible

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  1. Mirandali02 July, 2012

    Really Wonderful!!

  2. شكرا ع الموضوع



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